Artistic process


Motors, heaters and carcasses,

the appearance of a mechanical identity

  In my works, an experienced mechanic can recognize with precision auto parts from a scrap yard.


   My artistic reseach highlights the damages caused by time on carcasses of cars, ripped motors, conductive pipes or off tension wiring, for example.

   Looking for a topic to be investigated, I started to draw the objects around me. Kettles, toasters, electric tools, shiny cameras: those were the first pastel drawings of large formats composing my academic production.

    Then the observation of carcasses of cars gutted in fields or on the road made me observe the possible processing of different materials. The torn and twisted leather was unveiled as a metaphor of human skin, the fragment of rusty pipes that form a cross-line representing the ducts carrying life, fluffy foam smashed seats revealing a metal fence representing the human skeleton, of the random position of fabrics creating curves, the devastation caused by the fire creating black iridescent, among other things, all this revealed to me a world to discover, a nourishing universe of textures and shapes  I take pleasure to reinvent and deconstruct.

     Looking for a more personal artistic approach, my theme, the scrapyard, became a place of resurrection, of calm, a new world that united the human and the mechanical.

      Sometimes my challenge is to create a harmonious ensemble of forms. Some other times my subject imposes me a restraint in the use of colors. The work results in a set of denatured objects issued from a particular mechanical world.

 © 2019  by Christiane Arbour 

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